Mission of The Tyler Birth House

Our mission at Tyler Birth House is provide a safe space for each women to give birth how she wants to in a safe, comforting environment. Whether you come to our homelike birth center or we come to your home, the care will be the highest quality possible.  We will spend the pregnancy building a trusting relationship answering all your questions and making sure you and baby are doing well.  When it comes time for birth, we will be fully present and supporting your every need during the labor and birth experience.

The primary goal of Tyler Birth House is to provide you with the peace of mind that all of your potential care needs can be met. We love supporting women that sometimes the major health care systems already set up for failure like certain ethnicities and vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC) mommas.  Our practice is a safe space for African American women wanting to beat the terrible statistical odds against them.  We have high success rates with vaginal birth after cesarean section compared to the massive restrictions put on women attempting to VBAC in the hospital setting. By creating a safe space for you to eat and drink when you please, move how you please, and not put time constraints on your body, normal birth can thrive!

We believe successful health care is a partnership between each woman and her caregivers. Health encompasses emotional and spiritual well-being together with physical health. Women are empowered through wellness counseling and health education. Birth is a healthy, normal process for which a woman’s body is perfectly designed. Giving birth can be the most fulfilling experience of a woman’s life. Gentle birth creates gentle people and promotes a more peaceful world.

We believe in providing information on a wide choice of medical, natural and alternative therapies. In each woman’s right to informed choice in the use of medical tests, recommendations and interventions. Midwives are experts in normal birth and doctors are specialists for problems. We work with supportive backup physicians when necessary. Every woman has the right to give birth where she feels most safe and comfortable. Research has shown that healthy, low-risk women can birth safely in a free-standing birth center.

We believe in the health of pregnancy and birth and in every woman’s power to give birth naturally with minimal interventions. We take special pride in our goal to welcome babies with gentle and loving hands. Additional care by our midwives includes comprehensive prenatal care, as well as childbirth and breastfeeding classes; well woman gynecological care (annual exams and pap smears), gynecologic problem visits, and family planning. Tyler Birth House offers all routine laboratory testing and medication prescriptions, and works closely with collaborating physicians when necessary.

Tyler Birth house has a special ministry to providing quality care without discrimination for families of all social, religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds. Tyler Birth House offers comprehensive health care by women for women of all ages. Tyler Birth House has a strong focus on wellness counseling, health education, and the use of natural and complimentary therapies. We promote family-centered childbirth and respect a woman’s right to control her birth experience.

Here at Tyler Birth House, it is our mission to bring safe, inclusive, affordable care to the families of East Texas. Our midwives, students, and staff work with you to have a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. It is truly our belief that while birth is hard, it can also be blissful! 

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